Loaded Car Subwoofers


  • Kicker DCWS10-2 Loaded Dual 10 2-Ohm CompS Sub Package 600W Amp Amplifier Kit
  • Kicker TCWRT12 Dual 12 2-Ohm Loaded CompRT Thin Profile Sub Box with 600W Kit
  • Kicker DCWS12 Loaded Dual 12 2-Ohm CompS Sub Subwoofer Enclosure 600W Amp Kit
  • Kicker DC122 Car Audio Loaded Dual 12 Ported Comp 600W Sub Box Enclosure 43DC122
  • Kicker CompC 44DCWC102 600W RMS Dual Loaded 10 Ported Subwoofer Enclosure Box
  • Kicker 44TL7S102 Loaded 600W RMS L7S 10 Vented Subwoofer Enclosure Box
  • Memphis 12 Car Sub 600w + Loaded Subwoofer Bass Speaker Ported 100% Mdf Box New
  • Memphis Prxe12s 12 600w Sub 2 Ohm Loaded Subwoofer Prx-12d4 In Ported Box New
  • Precision Power Snbx. 8 Loaded 8 Subwoofer Vented Enclosure Box 600w Amplifier
  • Kicker PT10 BassStation Loaded 10 Sub Subwoofer Enclosure 600W Amplifier Kit
  • Kicker DC12 Loaded Dual 12 2-Ohm Comp Sub Subwoofer Package 600W Amplifier Kit
  • KICKER DC12 DUAL 12 600W Loaded Car Audio Subwoofers Subs+Box+Amplifier+Amp Kit
  • Kicker DC122 Dual 12 600W Loaded Car Subwoofers +Box + 1500W Mono Amp + Amp Kit
  • Kicker 15 600W Dual Loaded Subwoofer Box with 2000W 4-Ch. Amplifier & Wiring Kit